Dear Customer,

As we transition support of our Canadian business from Etobicoke to Chicago, I thought it would be helpful to introduce to you our US based Inside Sales team. Given the number of Inside Sales Reps we have in our phone center and their years of experience with Adams (the least senior rep has been with us for more than eighteen years), I am confident in our ability to provide you the highest level of service and support as we move forward.

Additionally, we have a dedicated Technical Support team in our Chicago office to assist with parts research and engineering/applications questions relating to our products. Mike and Terrell each have seven to eight years experience in our industry.

While we are maintaining the Canada Branch phone and fax numbers for the foreseeable future and calls to those numbers will automatically forward to our Chicago office, you may also reach the key members of our team at the phone numbers shown below or through our main phone center number (800) 929-9247 or (312) 610-8500:

Menu Option Name Phone Fax E-mail
(2) Sales Susie Zehner 312-610-8509 312-348-6162
  Olga Castro 312-610-8505 312-348-6162
  Geralyn Eckert 312-610-8507 312-348-6162
  Marie McIntosh 312-610-8508 312-348-6162
(3) Technical Support Terrell Tate 312-610-8511 312-348-6162
Mike Thinnes 312-610-8512 312-348-6162

Please note that we also monitor a general sales e-mail box throughout the day where you can send orders and questions for any of our reps to manage. The address for that general e-mail box is

Finally, while we are not yet set up to register Canadian customers for use of our on-line shopping site, we are working on establishing that ordering option for you as well over the next month or so. Through our on-line shopping site (a link for which you can find at our general web site, you will be able to not only place orders, but track the history of your orders over a year's time. After establishing a customer specific account through the web shop, you will be able to check your pricing for specific parts, view credits due your account, track orders placed, and research parts and pictures of thousands of items in our on-line catalog. Order history remains visible within your on-line account for twelve months.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact our call center at (800) 929-9247. If there is anything on which you feel I may be of further assistance please let me know.

Thank you for your business.


Gerald B. Adams
Business Unit Manager
(312) 650-8504
Adams Elevator Equipment Company • 100 South Wacker Dr., Ste. 1250 Chicago, IL 60606-4004 • 800-929-9247